Green Sarees – A Color of Peace

Many people loves buying sarees over internet and thus evolution of great collection came  into existence. Over last decade the online shopping has taken over the minds of numerous women and men in India. Regular buyers has encouraged new shoppers and thus exotic attires are famous over the world.

The most traditional stuff to wear for Indian girls and ladies are sarees and salwar kameez. There are variants available for these stuff and thus colors are chosen as per choice. Most widely shopped colors are green, red, pink and blue.

To make people reach to their best colors, manufacturers makes available sarees in many shades. Just like all of these, the green shade saris are most popular. For common day purpose green saree are eminent attire and matches very well for ladies performing usual activities.



Green sarees are considered as color of peace with many claiming it as religion symbol. These green sarees are available in many different fabrics like Georgette, silk, chiffon, paper silk, viscose etc. They are purchased according to weather to be always comfortable in their day time activity.



Dark green attires won’t be entertained much, thus little floral printing is a good match. These flowers printed over clothing are done in white or any other light color. Stripe printed sarees with background in green are fine for normal parties and office visits.



Shopping green sarees have taken over markets to larger extent. Dual color sarees with green and light pink exhibits personality. Flowing salwar kameez in deeper shades with most having flower patches over them lead them to gracious items. Party wear costumes are available online with large variants and designs. They are circulated all over the world from India. Most attires are manufactured in parts of Gujarat and Mumbai.

Gatherings green sari in India is easy in local markets. Shopping malls has good designs and colors of dresses but they are high in pricing. You may get hesitated in visiting those exclusive and highly designed shops. Alternate to them, you won’t find such situation while buying over internet. Customer supports are priority for Rajasthani Special online store. There is no matter from which country you are, our services and products is unmatchable to any other shops.


Exclusive Anarkali Suits – A New Taste

People who do not know what anarkali suits are – They are simply defined as flowing salwar kameez. They don’t have any cut near waist or chest. They flow freely till you knee or sometime a inch below your knee. They are also termed as long salwar kameez.

White red anarkali suit

White red anarkali suit

Blue anarkali suits

Blue anarkali suits

Red anarkali suit

Red anarkali suit










The fabric used for stitching anarkalis is no different than used for sarees or salwar suits. Likewise in salwar kameez, when net fabrics are used for kameez, an inner lining of some other fabrics are used to hide inner part of body. This new taste for women has brought revolution in fashion arena. Many doubted the existence of this attire, but they have attracted many people from around the world who love the fragrance of Indian clothing.

Considering this new love to this long salwar kameez, designers has brought out new style. Like sleeveless suits, fish cut suits or ankle length suits. Anarkali salwar kameez are worn on many occasions in India and other courtiers where NRI resides. They wear these costumes on wedding and festive events.

To get best output of your purchase, it is recommended to stitch them as per latest fashion. Over internet or television you can find new designs. Like the round cut hi-neck ones are famous. Get a cut of design from kameez and get them adhered on top part of neck.

Check out wardrobes of women and you will find the kind of love they have for these suits. Internet shopping done from office or home can be valuable if tips are kept in mind. The vogue to such flares is expected but choosing them with right choice is mandatory.

Over internet it is always better to get custom stitching of suits. The reason is quite simply. These suits come in ready made sizing also. But they can never get you best fitting that custom one can. You deserve to get what you are paying for. Mention your best sizing like chest, waist, and sleeve length by using inch tape.

Still if you find it difficult, you can get the fabrics at home and take to local tailor. Rajasthani Special is one such store that offers largest collection with cheap pricing. Being a manufacturer, you can be rest assured of quality and pricing. Reveal your beauty with dazzling suits embellished with extra perfection.

Priyanka Chopra sets new Trend for Fashion

Priyanka Chopra is one of the most stunning and demanding girl in bollywood industry. Priyanka Chopra clothes that she wear and to smile she passes out, there are lot more to admire from that glamorous girl. Her sense of style and way she tackles media reports, seems to have always added to her carrier.

There is something that keeps her above all other actresses. Being her simple role in forthcoming movie – Krish3 or hard hitting officer in sequels of Don. Here we are to discuss mainly about attire she wears. There are many such like Priyanka Chopra White Net Lehenga at IIFA, Priyanka Chopra Peach Lehenga, Mijwan Show Beige Lehenga worn by Priyanka. Considering these 3 and some other more sarees that she wore at some event or award function, has brought a new trend in fashion industry.

Priyanka White Net LehengaPriyanka Chopra Peach Lehenga

Priyanka Chopra Beige Lehenga

There has been time or some days when Priyanka Chopra has trended on Twitter with some hashtags like #priyankachopra, #glamgirl etc. She brought out some designs which caught eyes of my girls and women around the world. With increase in demand of these clothing and to make them reach to every needy, replicas started rolling in the market.

What are bollywood replicas? What are differences between fabrics, design compared to original ones? Now, there can be huge debate over this. Many have their own point of view and many completely kick away the authenticity. Here I can only predict what I think and don’t want to comment on other expert knowledge.

You might have seen that clothing manufactured by fashion experts like Manish Malhotra, Karan Johar etc are unique and they lack nothing. Their fabrics are top most, designs are unique and everything is eye catching. They invest a lot over them and thus it reaches to fashion manual and media reports. If you calculate the cost, it would be nearly impossible to buy it.

Yes, these clothing are not for common people like us. But to fulfill our dreams, there are bollywood sarees or replicas available in the market. Designers from Mumbai or Gujarat read these clothing and brings out almost same product for you.

Some of bollywood saree that Priyanka Chopra worn are – Priyanka Chopra Off-beige net saree at IIFA 2009, Priyanka Chopra Ivory Net Saree at Screen awards in 2012, Priyanka Black Net Saree with designer blouse.

With almost all big production company working with her, many new and already worked actresses are finding competition with her. Her latest quote – “Make the world a stylish place”. She has been eye catching to people from every part of the world. She is surely going to bring out new fashion mantra which is surely going to get you new clothing in your wardrobe.

Impact of Saree Blouse Color on your Personality

Many studies suggest that colors have their own effects either on opposing person mood. This can also affect your personality in any occasions or festive season. As per rituals in India, which are a lot, the enthusiasm has increased. This makes you bend more towards what you wear and what combination you have in respect of color. A bad color may have adverse effect while soothing color can enhance your words. With more importance given you sarees, the era of blouse has been a lot.

Saree blouse were usually chosen with keeping in mind your color of saree. There are events when such mindset does not work a lot. You might like to wear blue as this is most widely chosen color and even considering green as a favorite one. We don’t put allegation on this kind of narrow thinking but here also you can make time in your favor. Coloring matching doesn’t need you to call any fashion designer. It is just a common sense.

purple sari blouseMany women would wear green blouse for green saree and red blouse for red saree. You won’t look bad but certainly if this judgment is not made according to event, you are surely going to get disappointed

Maroon Saree blouse

It is very known fact that the talk shows between women or group of women are based on what their friends wore on certain occasion. The identity is then matched every time with what you wore that day. This needs to be changed.

What we recommend?

Certainly we are not as well that good and an accomplished designer, still we can help you. A green saree is taken into consideration. What blouse color you can wear on it? Things are simply – Either go for a embroidered work green blouse or a multi color blouse. Thus if you take for red saree, you can consider wearing dark pink, maroon or multi color blouse.

What is common in all this? Yes, a multi color saree blouse can be repeatedly used for many sarees. Over the occasions like wedding, social parties or official gatherings, you can use a blouse which comes with shinning fabric. Also it is a trick to brand a color to you, as this will motivate your personality factor. Yet, you need to make sure that you have a suitable make-up with that. For girls who are dinning out should also consider these tips.

We have also prepared a small video for you. Showing a little designs of saree blouse we have. Hope you like it 🙂

Buy Saree Blouse

There are many occasions when you will need to buy some genuine and nice looking saree blouses. In general saree blouses are worn on chest under saree. These are necessary part of your dressing while you opt for sari.

There are many women and girls who opt for little different kind of blouses on already used sarees. Such occasions like party and festive occasions are best to be judged. You can find them buying such blouses over internet to get their appearance look different and unique.

When you often attend parties or society events, you need something to change in your dressing. Purchasing saree daily is not feasible. Better you opt for changing your blouse design. Yes, this is possible when you find stores like Rajasthani Special. Here you opt for several designs and patterns.

Buy saree blouse to give yourself a little smart and fashionable look. They don’t cost a lot so it is quite easy to buy them. Mostly in scenario, you will find that you are going to give up before tackling with your clothes. This is reason that you don’t want to repeat many things  as otherwise you are called outdated.

Over festive season, the fabric in blouse like silk, chanderi and brocade are best suited. They look little shinny and adds some more to your personality.