Kurtis – Attire for women

You might have widely heard about salwar kameez, this is where kurtis as introduced. Amazed to know that!! Just consider the top most part of salwar kameez, which is generally known as Salwar. Designer and fashion makers from this industry have taken this top most part and introduced a new stuff known as Kurtis.

In very simple language, kurtis is a version of salwar which have now set their own standards in fashion industry. Women and girls in India, who loved trend and even tradition, love wearing them in hot season. Mainly these kurtis are manufactured with cotton fabrics as they are best clothing to be worn in summer.

Not only people in India, but Kurtis have grown its demand all over the world. Globally it is very much known to be a new Indian stylish stuff. To your amazement, you can wear jeans under kurits. Mostly you will find this dress code by Indian girls going to college or official work.

You can find many style of kurits like short, medium and long. Generally, girls prefer short kurtis as they want to show their tone of body. Rest age of women would prefer medium and long kurtis. We assure that once you have kept these in your wardrobe, many of your friends and known people would ask about these. They gets you great personality look whether at college or office.