Impact of Saree Blouse Color on your Personality

Many studies suggest that colors have their own effects either on opposing person mood. This can also affect your personality in any occasions or festive season. As per rituals in India, which are a lot, the enthusiasm has increased. This makes you bend more towards what you wear and what combination you have in respect of color. A bad color may have adverse effect while soothing color can enhance your words. With more importance given you sarees, the era of blouse has been a lot.

Saree blouse were usually chosen with keeping in mind your color of saree. There are events when such mindset does not work a lot. You might like to wear blue as this is most widely chosen color and even considering green as a favorite one. We don’t put allegation on this kind of narrow thinking but here also you can make time in your favor. Coloring matching doesn’t need you to call any fashion designer. It is just a common sense.

purple sari blouseMany women would wear green blouse for green saree and red blouse for red saree. You won’t look bad but certainly if this judgment is not made according to event, you are surely going to get disappointed

Maroon Saree blouse

It is very known fact that the talk shows between women or group of women are based on what their friends wore on certain occasion. The identity is then matched every time with what you wore that day. This needs to be changed.

What we recommend?

Certainly we are not as well that good and an accomplished designer, still we can help you. A green saree is taken into consideration. What blouse color you can wear on it? Things are simply – Either go for a embroidered work green blouse or a multi color blouse. Thus if you take for red saree, you can consider wearing dark pink, maroon or multi color blouse.

What is common in all this? Yes, a multi color saree blouse can be repeatedly used for many sarees. Over the occasions like wedding, social parties or official gatherings, you can use a blouse which comes with shinning fabric. Also it is a trick to brand a color to you, as this will motivate your personality factor. Yet, you need to make sure that you have a suitable make-up with that. For girls who are dinning out should also consider these tips.

We have also prepared a small video for you. Showing a little designs of saree blouse we have. Hope you like it 🙂